Archaeological Survey of India, Ranchi Circle is newly created of A.S.I. which have been bifurcated from Patna Circle in 2003. Before creation of Ranchi Circle, it was a Sub-Circle under Patna Circle and the office of Conservation Assistant was estabilished at H.I. - 31, Harmu Housing Colony, Harmu, Ranchi.


The site of Itkhori Taal is about one km northeast from the Bhadrakali temple. It is a huge water body along with some modern temple, some of them is a very ruined condition. In a modern temple, located to the south of the tank, an oval shaped old black stone  Shivalinga, within a modern yonipitha and a broken sculpture of an animal (broken head portion ) is kept in the sanctum besides the yonipitha. This broken sculpture is highly significant and identification  as wild boar feeding its seven young ones. the four young ones are represented on one side and three on the other.

Another temple on the  western side of the tank or water body has also some important architectural fragments including votive stupa and a mukhalinga, which are under worship. This is the only mukhalinga noticed in Jharkhand so far. A sculpture of Uma Maheshvara noticed in another near by dilapidated temple is also important one.

The group of sculptures and architecture pieces at Itkhori represents the pre Pala and Pala period cultural extension in the in  the hinter land. The huge architectural fragments provide enough evidence of existence of gigantic temple of medieval period and sculptural pieces such as votive stupa, sahasra Shivalingas, Vishnu and other deity in Itkhori within a small campus give an example of harmonious balance of different religious group.

Archaeological Survey of India has setup a new  circle office at Ranchi since years ago for proper exploration and development of ancient remains and sites located in the Jharkhand state. Then the Superintending Archaeologist of Archaeological Survey of India, Ranchi Circle Late Shri O. N Chauhan and Shri T. J Baidya has from time to time  visited the site and has already submitted inspected note to the commissioner\ deputy commissioner, Hazaribag with some suggestion also given to the concerned.

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