Archaeological Survey of India, Ranchi Circle is newly created of A.S.I. which have been bifurcated from Patna Circle in 2003. Before creation of Ranchi Circle, it was a Sub-Circle under Patna Circle and the office of Conservation Assistant was estabilished at H.I. - 31, Harmu Housing Colony, Harmu, Ranchi.

    SAHAR- VIRA ;- (long. 830  51'.779" E and lat. 240 28'.584 N)

Sahar-Vira:- (long. 830  51'.779" E and lat. 240 28'.584 N) is situated on the right bank of the Koel river. It is about 22 km towards north from Japla and the site situated about 5 km. towards north from the Pansa village . The total height of the mound is about 3 meter and its diameter is about 8 meter. The mound is cover with full of burnt bricks. In the centre of the mound there is a half-buried engraved sculpture pillar made of sandstone has great important in archaeological point of view. The pillar and the ruins can be datable to 6th-7th century A. D.

Sahar-Vira mound is an important site in archaeological point of view. It is neither  protected by the Archaeological Survey of India nor by the State Archaeology of Jharkhand.

Therefore, it is recommended for excavation to know the cultural sequences of the site.

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