Archaeological Survey of India, Ranchi Circle is newly created of A.S.I. which have been bifurcated from Patna Circle in 2003. Before creation of Ranchi Circle, it was a Sub-Circle under Patna Circle and the office of Conservation Assistant was estabilished at H.I. - 31, Harmu Housing Colony, Harmu, Ranchi.

    PANSA :- mound (long. 830  5'  047" E  and lat. 240 30'.234" N)

LOCATION;- Pansa mound (long. 830 5'  047" E  and lat. 240 30'.234" N)  is situated towards west of Pansa village. It is at a distance of about 261 kms towards north of the capital city Ranchi of Jharkhand state. It comes under Japla block which is about 22 kms only. Its police station and nearest railway station is Haidarnagar.

About the mound:- Pansa  mound is situated on the right bank of Koel river. After thorough exploration of the mound it seems to be an ancient mud stupa.  It is made on a roughly circular base and the total height of   the  mound is about 8 meters  and  its diameter is about 15 meters which is at a height of  about 6 meter again reduced in diameter and at this height all around the mound appears a space of about 1.50 meter  broad pretended to be remains of Pradakshina Patha. Few bricks/ brickbats measuring in size 10  X  7  X  3.75, 11  X  7.5  X  3.05  and 10  X  7  X  3.25  cm. were found under a peepal tree towards the northern  corner of the mound. It presumed that most probably these brunt bricks have been  used for encasing the edging part of the stupa. The interior part of the stupa was filled with nodules,  potsherds, brickbats and semi compact earth. Picked up potsherds are  in dull red ware,  medium to coarse fabric, ill fired  and the types may be included medium to large size handi  having flared out rim , nail headed rim forming straight in profile of a bowl, dull red slipped ware and other potsherd are also in dull red ware to mention here.

Pansa  mound is an important site in archaeological point of view . But it is neither protected by the  Archaeological Survey of India nor  by the State Archaeological Department Jharkhand.

Therefore, a systematic trial trenches for excavation on the mound is required for to ascertain the exact date and nature of its construction.

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