Archaeological Survey of India, Ranchi Circle is newly created of A.S.I. which have been bifurcated from Patna Circle in 2003. Before creation of Ranchi Circle, it was a Sub-Circle under Patna Circle and the office of Conservation Assistant was estabilished at H.I. - 31, Harmu Housing Colony, Harmu, Ranchi.

    KARON;- ( long.860 44'.821 E and lat 240  07'.455 N)

During the course of survey the team has thoroughly inspected in and around Karon village. Numbers of tanks have been noticed all around the village, in which Kanshasar and Chapu-sar tanks are worth  to mention here. In the centre of Chapu-sar tank there is a sand stone pillar circular in shape in which sculpture engraved has shown in seated posture.

Number of loose sculpture and architectural fragments have been noticed in Karneshawar temple which can be dated to Late Medieval period. A  headless sculpture  seated in dhyana-mudra kept in another temple and it is worshipped by the name of Murkatta-Kali. A Shiva-Linga and standing Vishnu which were much eroded has kept in the premises of Arjun Memorial School, Karon. Stylistically the sculpture and architectural fragments can be dated to Late Medieval period.
No any ancient mound, temple ruins and other edifices have been noticed around the village.

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